Sketch for Survival


Well, I haven’t posted for the usual vast aeons of time, and when I do, it’s to try and sell something.

However, this is for an excellent cause. Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed. Explorers Against Extinction has asked artists and celebrities to to take those 15 minutes and create something that will help to raise money for conservation and push back on behalf of elephants, rhinos and many other animals. Hence Sketch for Survival.

My artwork is above and I hope it’s going to help, even just a little. You can bid on the link below. (It’s a photo, not a scan which is why it looks a bit grey, as my computer is in microchip hospital. Sorry.)

It’s just one of many artworks donated by many amazing artists. So even if cute rhinos aren’t your thing, please look at the varied and beautiful work on offer,  get something lovely for your walls and do something wonderful for something rare. #explorersagainstextinction #sketchforsurvival #wildlife #wildlifeart #rhinoceros

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